Homework Supply Box

Written by Silja

I put together this homework supply box for my soon-to-be first grader when I did the back to school shopping. I just bought extra supplies while they were all still on sale.

The idea is that this box will only be used for homework. (Separate from my child’s own art supplies.) No more hunting down pencils, crayons, and whatnot when it’s time to do homework! I’ll just pull out this handy box for my kiddo… should have pretty much everything that she’ll need to complete her school assignments.

Homework Supply Box

I shared that photo with my FB friends, and some of my fellow “make the world shiny, girly, and glittery” fans pointed out that I didn’t include anything glittery in the box.

Glitter! How could I forget glitter?

I was so ashamed. No fear… That has now been remedied. I purchased this (see below), and it has now been added into the homework supply box.

Glitter Glue

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